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The Hunter (Complete)


​​The Hunter, a unique top-down stealth-based horror action-adventure, originally developed as part of the "you only get one" themed Ludum Dare 28 competition, now expanded and refined for a final release.



The Hunter has been featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and JayIsGames as well as a few lesser known sites.

The Hunter (Prototype)


I created The Hunter as my first ludum dare game competition. This game was created on my own in 48 hours.


Out of 1284 entries The Hunter got 15th place for atmosphere, 30th place for innovation, 59th for audio, and 60th overall.


Size Matters - GCA Grand Prize Winner!


Size Matters Is an frantic infinite runner where the player is able to change their size in order to fit through smaller gaps, break walls, or change their jump height. Player try to see how long they can survive for and try to get the high score!


In 48 hours me and three others created this app for the Great Canadian Appathon. We won the grand prize of $25, 000. On this team I took on the role of a programmer and designer.


Vital Zone


Vital Zone is a twin stick shooter where the player has to destroy destructive viruses attacking the heart. The player is able to buy upgrades to visually and mechanicly change the heart and make them stronger.


This game was created in 48 hours along with two others.



Inner is an experimental surreal visual and audio experience made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2014. This was meant to explore how games are able to create wonderous and fantastic worlds with different properties.


The player simply wanders around the world trying to make their own assumptions on the world and how it works.


Global Game jam page here.



Rain is a short surrealist, experiemental game. This was a week long project that started from the 3 hour game jam with the theme: Rain.


It's an experiment in trying out a different art style that would suit my skills.


It's also a personal game, where I tried to figure out my own personality and translate that into different aspects of the game. Something like a journal, in interactive form.



Bulpulsion is a game I made as a part of my game a week challenge.


It is a geometry wars style shooter, EXCEPT, your bullets are what propels you. Unfortunately, the execution wasn't where I wanted to be so I haven't and probably won't ever release this game.



Aerius is a beautiful 2D platformer. This game has gone through many iterations until we were able to reach this point.


The art, being the main drawing point, is not my own. I had 3 other very talented artists help me with this project. I was the programmer on the project.

The Room - WIP


You play as a character who is stuck in a room, being held captive by an unknown character.


There are two states of the game:

- Dream state, where you will be able to find clues about your captivity and the events leading up to it.

- Reality state, where you are awake in the room. Where you can try to escape using what you've learned from your dreams. Or you can just go back to sleep and have "happy" dreams.



Rabytt is a short inspirational game I made over the Easter weekend. This game was made as a little challenge for myself to see how closely I could emulate the game knytt stories. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I ended up adding my own personal twist on it as well.

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